Board Certified Experts in Skin Disease

At Clear Dermatology, you can expect the highest level of care for all your skin’s medical needs. We use the latest medical treatments to help you take control of your skin’s health and will partner closely with you to solve your skin care concerns. Our goal is to play an active role in your skin’s health, by not only encouraging yearly skin exams, but maintaining your overall skin health. We’ll take care of you and your skin through education and expert care.


Acne and rosacea are among the most common diseases that we treat. We will work closely with you to customize a treatment specific to your needs. We have more treatment options than ever before and can also integrate therapies such as LED light, lasers and peels to achieve results.

Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

Anybody who has eczema knows the burden of this disease. You don’t have to suffer! Eczema is manageable with the right tools and we now have more tools than ever before. We can help you to love your skin again!

Hair and Nail Disorders

Most people know that dermatologists are experts in skin but did you also know that we specialize in hair and nails? Hair and nail disorders can be complex and multifaceted. Our job is to help identify underlying problems that lead to these disorders. From hair loss to nail fungus, we can get to the root of the problem and offer treatment.


Melasma is a complicated and chronic skin condition that needs to be managed very differently than pigmentation that comes from sun damage. We can help you understand and manage your melasma through lifestyle changes, products, and peels.

Precancerous lesions

Precancerous lesions usually show up as persistent scaly spots on the skin in areas that are most frequently exposed to the sun, like the face, ears, scalp and forearms. It’s important to treat these areas to help prevent the progression to skin cancer. We use spot treatment with liquid nitrogen for indidual lesions or can combine it with field treatments like photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT can treat diffuse areas and has been shown to reduce skin cancer progression.


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition that can be really stressful and is known to affect the quality of life of the people that suffer with it. It can even cause a type of arthritis and is associated with cardiovascular disease. The good news is that we have made great strides in treating psoriasis and we can effectively treat even the most severe cases. Every psoriasis patient needs a good relationship with their dermatologist!

Skin Cancer Screenings

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US? The good news is that with regular screenings, most skin cancer is curable if detected early and some is even preventable. We recommend annual skin cancer screenings for almost everyone. Make your appointment today!


Vitiligo is a pigmentary disorder that affects patients of all ages and skin types. It can have a significant psychological impact, especially in skin of color. Although it is not life-threatening, it can be life-altering. For most patients, vitiligo is a chronic disease that requires not only treatment but also support and coping strategies. A strong relationship with your dermatologist is imperative. We are here to help educate, treat and provide resources for support.


Warts are so common it almost seems like everyone has had one but don’t worry, they can be treated! Although they are a pain to have, we have many options for treatment—including painless options for the kiddos!